Artist Statement

Carolyn Kramer  – Statement 2015

My paintings express both dramatic and serene sensibilities, creating a visual meditation on environmental beauty.

In my world of old growth forest and bountiful west coast beaches; nature blends patterns and colors in tide marks, layers of earth and microscopic land forms. The ocean floor, texture of tree bark and melting ice emerge on my canvases; inspiring a soulful, ethereal sense of design, color and paint application.

Raised in the country, close to nature but not people, I have always closely observed earth’s formations. Now, years later; these impressions make their way into my art.

Microscopic earth images inspire content for my art. They come from my own photographs or sketches and are expanded 1000% using mediums of encaustics, acrylic paint, string and gold leaf.

I exhibit in both Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.

Carolyn Kramer
Los Angeles cell: 310-999-5825
Vancouver cell: 604-868-6259